Member of the Order

As a Christian Order of Chivalry, membership with the Order of Saint Lazarus is open to both men and women who are practicing and committed Christians, are of good character and standing in their community, and who wish to help those in need through the good works of the Order (nationally) or locally through Acadia Commandery. In addition, as a military Order, the Order of Saint Lazarus has a rank structure that conforms with European chivalric custom and decorations (medals) which are conferred to Members in recognition for their outstanding service or achievement within the Order or externally within communities, regions or countries.

A Member of the Order is one whose application for membership had been reviewed and accepted by the Order of Saint Lazarus, Canada and who later was invested into the Order within three (3) years from the date of acceptance, typically at a Chapter General[1] event. An individual whose submitted their application and is accepted, enters the Order as a Postulant. A Postulant who had been invested into the Order (through an Investiture Ceremony) becomes a full Member of the Order at the rank recommended in the application process.

As a Member of the Order, you would have numerous opportunities to share your interest and passion with other Friends and Members of the Order through advocating, developing and supporting palliative and hospice care in your community or exploring / preserving the history of the Order, sitting on or possibly chairing steering committees working on specialized initiatives. Engagement with other Friends and Members of the Order increases the probability of successful implementation of a viable and sustainable palliative and hospice care program in your area. This dovetails with the original mission of the Order of Saint Lazarus, an international chivalric Order, which for the past 900 years has been steadfast in their primary mission to aid those in need.

As a Member of the Order, your network could expand to access other Friends and Members of the Order across Canada including professionals, care workers, doctors, nurses, political representatives, business people, military and civilians at Grand Priory in Canada or Acadia Commandery events; socials, special presentations, lectures and meetings. In addition, your contributions and engagement with the Order will facilitate the Order's mission to establish, advocate and/or support palliative and hospice care programs across Canada and in particular, the Maritime. If military/history is your interest, there are opportunities to explore the history of the Order and manifest this into reality with opportunities to keep the history alive through period authentic 12th Saint Lazarus knights at presentations and events.

The benefits of becoming a Member of the Order include:

  • Volunteer in/Support Projects opportunities in your local community that is attached to the Friend of the Order's respective House - making your community a little bit better by helping those in need,
  • The Tancred Tower e-newsletter is published semi-annually conveying the good works across the Martime by the Members of Acadia Commandery, as well as contributions made in their localized Houses within Acadia Commandery,
  • The Gazette is the Grand Priory in Canada's digital newsletter providing information on the good works, activities and initiatives of the national organization as well as highlighting local initiatives at a Commandery level,
  • Roll of Arms is available to Members who are eligible to have their official grant of arms (armorial bearings) admitted and published on the online roll of arms located under the members area of the Grand Priory in Canada's website,
  • Contributing to the Order opportunities to Members who wish to become more fully engaged by becoming involved as an officer or director in the Board of Governors, or volunteer in steering committees all designed to facilitate the Order's mission and moving the Order forward,
  • Social Media access by invitation to the Acadia Commandery Facebook group, and respective House Facebook group providing an avenue for conveying updates and highlights in national developments, projects and initiatives within the Maritime,
  • Access to members only provides members with an extensive online resource and libraries including various publications, papers, books, roll of arms, archived newsletters, etc. available for members for their interest, research, perusal and study,
  • Socials and Networking opportunities via invitations to Commandery events, such as an annual fundraising formal dinner event or Commandery summer BBQs or information sessions on progress of local initiatives the Commandery or Houses are engaged with, and the Annual General Meeting of the Acadia Commandery.

In general, membership is by invitation to the Order, however, interested prospective members can apply through the Acadia Commandery by invoking an initial conversation with the Commander of the Commandery via email with:

  1. In the 12th century, Saint Lazarus was an Order of military monks and nursing sisters. Whenever the monks assembled, the meeting started with a chapter of the Bible being read. This assembly or meeting eventually was referred to as 'a chapter'. Later, the individuals who organized the meeting were called the 'Chapter'. The meeting place was called the 'Chapter House' and a meeting for everyone was a 'Chapter General'. Today, true to that early tradition, the Order's meetings begin with the Prayer of the Order.