St. Lazarus - Calgary Commandery

Welcoming Statements The Calgary Commandery

Grand Prior (Canadian Order)

Together with the members of the Grand Priory in Canada, I have the privilege to invite you to learn more of a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our fellow Canadians. We welcome you to learn more about our Order, the good works we do and the ways that you could become involved.

The Grand Priory in Canada is a bilingual, multi-denominational Christian, charitable organization that through its commanderies and delegations are dedicated to the service of the sick and dying of all faiths, to unity amongst Christians and the treatment of and eradication of leprosy. Commanderies or branches of the Order are found in every region of Canada and membership is open to those who espouse the Christian Faith and who are committed to the service of others.

We welcome your questions and your support of our work.

The Hon. Peter A. S. Milliken, KCLJ, MMLJ
14th Grand Prior, OSLJ Canada


Welcome to Calgary Commandery of SAINT LAZARUS CANADA. Learn who we are and how we help communities in the south of our province in the areas of Hospice/Palliative Care and Ecumenism in Alberta and Saskatchewan, details of which may be found in this website. We are a Chivalric Order, conscious of the many traditions that have formed and shaped our Order over 900+ years. Caring for our fellow citizens is one of the foundational values. Please contact me for more information.

LCol (Ret'd) Richard Goebel CD, KLJ, OMLJ 2018
Commander of the Calgary Commandery