Donate to the Atalanta Hospice Society

The Order is truly a charitable Order and strives to provide care for the aged and the sick through the advancement of palliative and hospice care, and the training and education of caregivers. The Order tries to make a difference in the lives of our fellow Canadians and has never deviated from its path to help those in need for more than 800 years.

The Atalanta Hospice Society is a group of dedicated individuals and members of the Order of Saint Lazarus, Grand Priory in Canada who are part of the Order's Acadia Commandery serving the Maritimes. The Society depends upon the continued generousity of the community to eventually create a residential form of hospice in order to provide the critical and necessary services to those requiring end-of-life care, relieving the stress and financial duress by family members. The hospice will ensure that care is based on respectful, dignified and caring support which dovetail with the Order's chivalric origins. The hospice will focus on quality of life and provide a comfortable, non-institutional environment for patients and families to focus on their loved ones while trained staff and volunteers tend to the medical and nursing needs.